Timeliness is measured from the date OBSI assigns an investigation and ends when a final written conclusion is provided to the consumer and the participating firm. External delays that are outside of OBSI’s control are factored into time measurements. OBSI’s benchmarks for investment complaint timelines are different than those for banking complaints because investment complaints are often more complex and time consuming to investigate. As a result, different standards are set for each sector.

Prior to 2020, OBSI’s timeliness standard for banking cases was to complete them in under 120 days, the maximum time permitted pursuant to the Bank Act. For investment-related cases, the standard was that 80% of investment cases would be closed in 180 days.

In 2020 we changed our service standards for banking cases to complete most in less than 60 days, almost all in less than 90 days, and all in under 120 days. For investment-related cases, we will complete most cases in less than 90 days, almost all cases in less than 120 days, and all in under 365 days. Some cases may take longer if they are complex or there are delays relating to availability or participation by the firm or consumer.

The data below is reported and displayed using the OBSI fiscal year, which runs from November 1 to October 31. To view the data for a specific timeframe, please select the date range you wish to isolate. 

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