Outcome and Compensation

OBSI works with consumers and participating firms to arrive at fair and reasonable outcomes. The compensation amounts below reflect the actual compensation received by consumers as a result of our process.

If an investigation finds that a participating firm acted unfairly, made a mistake, or gave bad advice, OBSI will recommend the firm compensate the consumer or investor for any loss, damage or harm up to $350,000. OBSI may also recommend non-monetary compensation when appropriate, such as correcting a mistake made to a credit history. 

If OBSI concludes that the consumer or investor was treated fairly, or the compensation previously offered by the firm is fair, a clear explanation of the findings is provided to the consumer or investor. In accordance with OBSI’s Terms of Reference, the name of any firm that refuses a recommendation will be made public.

Lowest compensation may appear as $0 due to cases with non-monetary compensation recommendations.

The data below is reported and displayed using the OBSI fiscal year, which runs from November 1 to October 31. To view the data for a specific timeframe, please select the date range you wish to isolate. 

How to use OBSI's Data Cube

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