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OBSI case data overview

The OBSI Data Cube is part of OBSI's commitment to transparency. When consumers reach out to OBSI, we gain useful insight into the products and issues that Canadians have concerns about. OBSI hears from consumers across the country regarding their banking and investment complaints and we monitor these inquiries and complaints for potential trends in financial services products and issues. Early identification of potential product, sector or systemic issues is an important public service we provide.

The information presented visually on the following pages is highly customizable. You can select specific time frames or isolate industries to view data from individual sectors. Hovering over the elements within a graph will give you details on the selection. Clicking on a coloured element within any chart, such as an individual bar, a piece of a pie, a section of a stack, or an area in a brownie chart, will isolate and sort the rest of the data on the page by that particular selection. Try experimenting by clicking on the elements within the charts below.

Please keep in mind that the data generating all the charts and tables is updated quarterly - OBSI's fiscal year runs from November 1 to October 31. To learn more about the features within the OBSI Data Cube, click the "How to use" button below. If you have any trouble viewing the information on the Data Cube, please contact for assistance.

How to use OBSI's Data Cube

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